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Section 1: Extent of the Study. Section 1.1: Introduction. In almost all the countries construction industry is one of major industries, which impacts greatly on the GDP. In any country, the construction industry is recognized as an economic regulator which plays a major role in the economy, providing significant contribution to the national economy. (Cheung et al. 2006). Prefabricated construction has become the new era of construction with the development of the technology. With the modern developed economy, duration of a construction project and labour requirements can become problematic since the manual labour has become a scares resources. Therefore introduction of such technology in a country could settles any arising labour and time…show more content…
Process of conventional construction in buildings. In the beginning of a construction project the contractor is asked to mobilize to the location. And thereafter the contractor will complete the preliminary works which are required to do before the beginning of construction. While the preliminary work is ongoing the contractor will bring the material and equipment that are necessary for construction. From there onwards the contractor will import all the raw materials to the site for construction. Beginning of the building will be done by casting the foundation or pilling, from there onward all the concrete work will be done by bringing readymix concrete or by mixing concrete in the site and pouring it in to the formwork to create the required structure. After completing the concrete structures, to raise other components of the building the contractor will be using cement or clay brick work. In the finishing stages the building will be finished with all the servicers’ requirements and final wall finishes will be done such as painting and fixing of fittings and fixtures with installing windows and other necessary…show more content…
Prefabricated building is a building which consist of previously factory built units which are later n assemble on sight. This factory build items are built in factory where the units are easily been transformed to the site and assembled. This items will be commonly delivered using a flatbed truck with some steel frames for positioning of the panels. After arriving of panels to the site cranes and trucks are used to assemble and the requirement of skill labour will be minimum in this proses. For the erection of prefabricated panels a very strong foundation is not required. Materials used for prefabricated

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