The CSI Effect: The Problems In The Criminal Justice System

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The CSI effect is common among jurors and other people because they assume everything they see on TV shows is what really happens in real life cases. The juries who believe in this misconception can cause a problem in the courtroom because they would question why everything isn’t being subject to forensic analysis. Also, some jurors may believe that forensic science is a perfect science that's always accurate, however they are ignoring the possibility of human or technical error. In the movie “The Real CSI”, it is stated that someone can be considered an expert based on knowledge, skill, experience, training or education, the real issue is that once a judge says they can testify they are considered an expert in their specific field. There are many problems in the forensic science field and because of things like subjective bias and uninformed jurors, it can cause many problems in the criminal justice system. Having a distorted…show more content…
They associate it with anything in the criminal justice system. Shows like Criminal Minds make people believe that every confrontation with criminals will end up with a shootout or someone dying. Other shows like How to Get Away with Murder, leads people to assume that every trial is full of theatrics when the truth is that some trials are quick and easy. Another thing that people do not seem to understand that there are a lot of cases that end with plea deals and don’t even get to trial. All of these things make people believe that the criminal justice goes through everything quickly when the truth is that trials can take months or maybe even years to finish. This shows how the media has been making the seriousness that is the criminal justice system and turning it into a plot in a drama. They have contaminated the minds of the population and that puts the people being put on trial in danger because the jury doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation that they are

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