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Introduction: Due to inaccuracies portrayed on television about forensic science, this report will focus on the academic, training, and personal requirements that are needed before going into the field. The purpose of this memorandum is to research what a forensic science technician does, by going into detail about the work involved as well as figuring out if the career is suitable for living in the state of California. Results: My initial focus for this memorandum was to define the career of a forensic science technician and to further explore the career. My methodology consisted of mostly online research from a variety of different websites. However, I did have a small talk with a professor with a background in forensics that I included in the education part of the research as well as used a forensics textbook to answer part of one question. What is the job description of a forensic science technician?…show more content…
Forensic science technicians are liable for all evidence found at a crime scene, for instance, preserving evidence for transfer to a lab as well as keeping notes of any important observations throughout the investigation ( According to, a forensic science technician should also obtain any information, whether it means going back to the crime scene, looking at photographs, recreating the crime, or asking questions. Recording and maintaining all valuable data found at a crime scene is important because a forensic science technician can be asked to “testify as [an] expert witness on evidence” ( The workplace of a forensic science technician can be found at crime scene investigations or in a laboratory, and it is a possibility that one may have to travel from city to city “because crimes can occur anywhere”

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