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This SLP paper will cover two digital forensics hardware tools. This paper will be covering the FREDC, forensic recovery of evidence center. This paper will also cover the UltraKit V4.0 a suite of write block tools. This paper will cover the use of these tools, how these tools will help forensic teams gather evidence, the advantages and drawbacks to the tools and an explanation of how the tools might be used. FREDC FREDC is a full rack of equipment that is used to act as a fully configured private cloud for forensic storage, centralized storage, centralized administration, centralized security and centralized backup. It has a suite of equipment that is all preconfigured to interact with every piece of the rack before it ships. A forensic workstation such as the FRED will connect to the FREDC in order to perform tests in a virtualized environment that can be ran in a virtual machine. They will also use it to clone a hard drive of a suspect’s computer. The FREDC comes with 10GB network cards, two of them actually. These two 10GB cards allow up to four FRED terminals to interact with the FREDC at a time with no performance derogation.…show more content…
It also comes with a preconfigured IPKVM, so that you may remotely control the devices from your work station. The FREDC comes with a suite of custom software to perform everything from diskless PXE boot of terminals to sending a fax to the watch center should a hard drive in the large RAID go bad. You may be thinking “send a fax?” The FREDC does not allow incoming internet connections that may tamper or spoil potential digital forensics collection or storage. If a drive fails, it uses a dial out only modem to alert the watch center so that they may contact the customer and let them

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