Future Trends In Tourism

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In this assignment I’ll be discussing the topic on “Future trends in eTourism”. “E-Tourism is the definition of all the processes and value chains in the tourism, travel, hospitality and catering industries that enable organisations to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness.” (Buhalis2003) In other words eTourism is the use of information telecommunications technology (ICT’s) in the tourism industry. This includes all intranet, extranet and internet applications as well as the strategic management and marketing issues related to the use of technology. ICT’s enhance the ability of organizations to manage their resources, increase their productivity, communicate their policies and market their offerings and develop partnerships with all their…show more content…
The system was known as APRANET and used a Transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for linking all computers together. (Dertouzos 1997) This is important to appreciate the 4 main eras of technological evolution. In the first era data processing, the main objective was to improve operational efficiency by automating information based processes. This era took place in the 1960’s onwards; computers were only used by major corporations such as airlines. Hardware and programming were extremely expensive and could only be reasonable for organizations that had a significant amount of transactions daily. The second era was that of management information system (MIS).The principle aim of this era was to increase management effectiveness and efficiency by satisfying organizational information requirements. It began in the 1970’s and it used local data processing linked to information resources to support decision-making. (Strassman 1990; Gamble…show more content…
According to Mohamed Derouiche ‘’ the tourism industry has seen many important changes that will have a significant impact on future tourist demands.’’ The growth of eTourism and the habit to book online a normal tourist package stood out with regard to the new traveller’s options. Natural disasters such earthquakes tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as well as health issues such as swine flu, avian and ebola have made us more aware of the places we go to visit. Therefore this should give us an idea about the future trends in travel that we can expect to see over the next decades. These trends can be divided into 8 sectors: 1. Sustainable Tourism Also known as green tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment’’. Many travellers are now aware of the negative impact tourism has on the environment and have therefore become more responsible with regard to sustainability. Responsible tourists help

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