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A comparison of song types within the Irish Singing Tradition The singing tradition is a vibrant and essential facet of Irish culture. From lullabies to lays, keens to laments; all combine to generate a truly versatile genre. All of these song types feature several similar traits; they all stem from an oral tradition, all boast a fruitful history in Ireland and all reflect the emotions of the communities in which they were created. Further to it intrigued me to notice that nods to paganism and supernatural ideologies are found in the Irish singing tradition. For this reason I thought it would be a worthwhile endeavour to analyse just how deep these different roots go, and in what ways they appear in different song types. For the purposes of…show more content…
Here additionally was an expectance of keening women to be inconsolable in their grief. Their dramatic moves could have incorporated abstaining from sleep and even drinking the blood of the deceased. That is exemplified in the contemporary lament Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire . This certainly is a pagan perception which would had been chastised via the Catholic Church. Therefore the act of keening became redundant; with few households holding the act which furnished them with so much comfort in their hour of…show more content…
One instance of a ballad which did feature in Ireland was ‘Maighre an Chúil Órbhuí’ recorded in 1934. This infrequent instance is noteworthy on the grounds that of its malevolent interpretation of the Fairy folks. This ballad tells the story of a husband. The husband has misplaced his spouse who was abducted by the fairies; and this ballad is an individual expression of his woes and grief. The young bride has been imprisoned by the fairies and a changeling wife and fairy kids had been left in her place. This example indicates that despite the influence of the church, and advances in science and knowledge; superstitions still pervade the minds of the Irish group. Fear remains to be epitomised in this song; within the opinion of some and is a warning sign and precursor for perils to come. Lullabies are in most cases used around the world to soothe and lull a little one to sleep with vocals. It absolutely presents many aspects just like the lament; each are ordinarily sung with the aid of females and are a totally profound and intimate means of

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