Adolf Hitler: The Life Of Adolf Hitler's Life

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Adolf Hitler He wanted to be an artist but he became one of the best leaders in germany. Adolf Hitler started out as any ordinary child. He joined the army at a young age. Then ran for the leadership of Germany. Adolf Hitler's life and how he came to power and his path getting there. Hitler in His child years. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau Austria on the border of Germany and Austria he was born on April 20, 1889. Hitler was the first child out of four to live past the age of two. Adolf had two siblings at the time a sister her names was Paula and a brother Edmund they were born two years apart. Adolfs father made sure everything crossing over that border wasn't was what it was supposed to be and nothing could hurt anyone. Klara Adolfs mother was a house maid and Stayed home all day and cleaned and cooked. Hitler was born with a mom dad and sibling so his life started out pretty normal.…show more content…
Hitler and his messengers where sleeping in a narrow tunnel when a shell exploded close to where they were sleeping and and piece of shrapnel cut deep into Hitler's thigh. Hitler didn't really care about anything else accept for his dog that ran into a german trench and he decided to take care of it and keep it. Hitler didn't like to stick around and listen to his fellow soldiers talk about sexual stuff so he retreated the a corner of the base to read and draw. Hitler and fellow soldiers entered a train the was heading to the front lines of the battle(Giblin, 2002). Hitler joined the army at a young age and it will help him rise to his power later

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