Competency-Based Framework

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The aim of this paper is to explore some issues in developing and implementing a competency-based framework in an organizational context in Oman. Competency-based framework development process and implementation drawn from previous work on competencies in business and industry are explained. Issues and lesson learned into the use of competencies in practice in an organizational context are presented. Criticisms of such an approach are also presented. Keywords: Competencies, competency framework, competency implementation, talent management. Competency-based Framework Competency-based Framework (CBF) can mean different things to different people depending on the context and who is using the term. For the sake of this paper, CBF is defined…show more content…
It can be used to: Recruitment and selection of new employees by using assessments and other selection procedures that measure the competencies (Bartram, 2005). Training of employees by creating courses aimed at the development of certain competencies (Schippmann et al., 2000). Evaluation of the performance of employees by structuring the appraisal instrument around the competencies (Posthuma & Campion 2008). Promotion of employees by using the competencies to establish promotion criteria (Morgeson, Campion, & Levashina, 2009). Development of employee careers by using the competency models to guide the choice of job assignments and make other career choices (Groves,…show more content…
For example, Sparrow (1995) noted that a critical review of attempts at integration suggest that application of competency based approaches within organizations has fallen behind advances in strategic human resource management and that there is a need to shift application towards more future oriented and strategic contexts. Mirabile (1997) cautioned that competency models provide potentially valuable information, but they are useless if there is no coherent and systematic implementation strategy for leveraging the information. It is necessary to have the right content, processes and support structures in place. Garavan, T., et. al. argued that competency-based approach have strengths and weaknesses in an organizational context. Despite significant investments made by organizations in competency frameworks, they have not always produced the expected outcomes. (Garavan, T. & McGuire, D.

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