Police Competency Frameworks

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A competency framework is a tool to review and evaluate employees based on a number of competency test such as behavior skills, technical skills, and role requirements. Simply put, it is a tool to measure employee performance; identifying their strengths and weaknesses. According to Webb (2007), competency framework help staff and management define standards of performance and behavior required to be competent in a particular role. In criminal justice organization, competency framework assists an understanding of the competencies and how they fit with national standards and guidelines. Webb (2007) stated that once “a framework is in place it will allow a better appraisal of officers, assist officers in their personal development and help identify…show more content…
The most important question is, will competency framework help reduce police officer attrition? The theory of competency framework suggested that it will because it will improve methodology of identifying and recruiting the best candidates. The competency framework will be utilized in the following: Recruitment, assessment and selection – To ensure that the best police applicants are selected; competencies are assessed during the recruitment process. The process will include structured written exercise, interview, and behavior test. Applicants must pass all stages to be selected. It is crucial to select the right applicants. Police officers are given authority to enforce law. Hiring the wrong applicants can be a major liability for the organization. Promotion - The selection of the right employee for higher level position. The competency assessments are similar to the recruitment, assessment and selection process. Those who are selected will have their performance evaluated. Additionally, those with educational degree will receive additional points. Specialization – Organization need to recognize and promote those with advance skills and to place them in a role/position that best fit

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