Importance Of Agricultural Extension

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Introduction Agricultural extension professionals, in attempts to change farmers’ behavior to produce qualified farmers, are obliged to have both agricultural and managerial competence. This is because competence refers to one’s capability to undertake a job based on his level of knowledge and skills. Extension on agriculture which happens to be the part of non-formal agricultural education requires technical and managerial competence of the professionals to develop a plan regarding a location-specific extension. This program will be based on farmers’ needs as the central subject of agriculture. It is assumed that through the roles of competent professionals, farmers are able to work on their agricultural and farming competently. Moreover,…show more content…
In addition, the program should not evoke farmers to be dependent. A performance-and-function oriented competence on main tasks and roles of agricultural professionals is essential to transfer the concepts of agro-technology to farmers. The aims of this study are: (1) identify the effect of competence on improving agricultural extension in developing maize farming in Gorontalo province, (2) to review the effect of competence and performance of agricultural professionals on the behavior of maize farmers in Gorontalo province, and (3) to evaluate the impact of the performance of professionals on behavior changes of maize farmers in Gorontalo province. In regards to the significance, this study is expected to provide: (1) tenets in improving and developing the career of agricultural extension professionals as well as providing guidelines on the recruitment of professionals for central and local government; (2) an object to developing the science of extension for the significance of a society, and (3) an impetus to more research to develop a model of advancing the performance of agricultural professionals in the actualization of the growing on sustainable

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