Competency Based Competencies Essay

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COMPETENCIES The combination of required skills, necessary information, appropriate performance measures and the right corporate culture that the company requires to achieve its mission. A person gains competencies through education training, experience or natural abilities. DEFINITON “An underlying characteristic of a person which results in effective and superior performance on the job”. EXAMPLES • Technological competence • Control competence • Detecting and assessing environmental change. • Ability to learn understanding of people FORMS OF COMPETENCIES • Organisational competency based competency model: Steps: 1.From the overall objective of the company, you need to arrive at objectives for each Business Process of the organisation . 2.Based on…show more content…
There are various functions or departments in every organisation and each function or a department may have various jobs. Competencies may be identified considering the requirement of each job. The list of competencies. The list of competencies required for each job will be separate and specific to that particular job consisting of various factors like mental and emotional characteristics like intelligence, natural talents, knowledge, skills and attitudes. • Generic and specific competency model: Generic competencies is a set of general competencies for all jobs having same level irrespective of the function or departments. 1. Job expertise: Has thorough knowledge of his jobs and related jobs regardless of complexities? Is he constantly enlarging the knowledge relevant to his job? Does he adequately apply this knowledge? 2. Mental ability: Does he think logically? Is he analytical? Does he take perspective? how well does he conceptualize and use common sense? Does he grasp issues quickly? 3. Team work: Doe he willingly seek and give support, get along with people, display consideration and respect for others and exhibit commitment to group

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