Meditation Reflection

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“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” - Gandhi Meditation has impacted my life in more ways than I ever thought possible. Before I began meditating several months ago, meditation was only something I had vaguely heard about. I have found there are different techniques and styles to meditation, but they all serve a similar purpose. One of the benefits of meditation that was most attracting to me was the ability it gives you to find peace and tranquility within yourself. It wasn’t until a fallout with my girlfriend/fiancée, that I had to move out of our new home. I have always been a financially stable person, so thankfully I was able to get an apartment right away. During this stressful and burdening period…show more content…
I wasn’t having any anxiety attacks and I was not as depressed as I had been the previous weeks. I found I had more energy and I in fact felt like I was having a spiritual experience. I heard about chakras and I was immediately interested in opening my third eye chakra. So every day during meditation I would bring focus to my forehead and practice some breathing techniques. As I sat in the dark, facing east, sitting with my legs crossed and my eyes closed I repeated, “I am not the body, I am not even the mind.” I felt by mind shift into a state of silence and stillness. I envisioned sand swirling lightly around my body. I saw an array of colors flashing swiftly before my eyes of purple and blue shades. The aroma in the air was that of a beautiful and sun filled beach and it was as though I could feel the warmth resting slightly on my skin. The sound became shallow as I slipped deeper and deeper into meditation. At that moment I saw an eye coming into my vision and I began to listen to a very faint but present sound of what seemed to be of something like bones crackling. Despite my excitement, I was calm and remained very still because I wanted to see what was beyond this world. Everything I had researched was happening for me in those moments. I experienced something unlike anything else and even though it was a bit scary, I felt that in that was experiencing the opening of my third eye chakra. I knew I had reached a level of consciousness and I was ecstatic about this new

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