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1. Travel-friendly stroller o A great extra stroller for the beach and to have in the car for errands with my baby. My 8 months old tried already and she loves it, it looks comfortable. o I was looking for something to take to Disney with us as well as something to use for a two mile run/walk fundraiser we will be attending, and this stroller work great. o It's easily handling, light, and great for everyday travel, walking, and basically whatever! o We use this on a daily basis and travel often with it. The quality is great and it has held up through many months of torture by a 10 month old and a 3 year old. o We bought it to carry ours 5 year old daughter in a trip to Disney. We visited 5 Disney places, helps a lot. Very strong. o Very lightweight…show more content…
I looked at numerous other light weight strollers for my 43 lb 3.5 year old. Nothing seemed to fight right, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something we were only going to use for a year or two at the most. o For the cost, what I will be using the stroller for, and how long I will be using the stroller I can say that I am 100% happy with my purchase. o Overall this is the best stroller I have ever owned and I have 3 kids so I've had my share of experience with strollers. o Really great and amazing price! o This is the best stroller I ever purchased. It's light and fits anywhere in the car, the baby love it. o Love this stroller- excellent price. Put together very easily!! Very light weight! o Amazing quality for the price! Highly recommend :) Very comfortable to push, too. o Excellent for its price! Decent storage space...and parent's tray helps a lot!!! o Just what I expected perfect for the price and description right on! Cons: 1. I bought a memory foam liner because the backing is pretty hard and my baby is 6 months and now it's perfect. My only complaint would be that it does not recline to a full flat position and that you need to loosen a strap in the back of the seat to recline it but to me it's not a major problem. Still would have been nice to have a full…show more content…
It's not a super padded or comfy stroller, but it does offer my daughter a seat to sit in and take a break when her legs are too tired. My daughter has long legs so it seems that the legs are a little squished, but she hasn't complained at all. 3. Only wish the cup holder were actually fitted for something other than skinny bottles LOL. 4. Amazing stroller at an amazing price and it is so light I feel like I'm pushing nothing even with my 10 month old daughter in it. 5. Really doesn't have any major ones only minor personal preferences like. The adult cup holders could be wider to hold larger cups like tervis tumblers. The seat could have better support bc the kid is not strapped in or isn't old enough to keep themselves up they have a tendency to slide down in the seat. And the undercarriage is hard to get stuff in bc it's small but tilted, the tilt is what makes it annoying. 6. This is a nicer alternative to an ordinary umbrella stroller....with that being said don't expect the quality you would find in a nice standard stroller. It's perfect for in and out of stores and running errands. 7. I agree with most reviews I have read about the thin padding and I really think Kolcraft could do a better job on

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