Explain Manager's Role In Providing Sustainable Competitive Advantages

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Manager’s role in providing sustainable competitive advantages After putting and placing all the theories, procedures policy and etc… in the strategic of firms development, the biggest and important roles that an manager needs to place is the Implications in that strategies into action. Moreover before implication manager should consider on following four things which are as follows 1. On what basis is the firm seeking to distinguish itself from competitors? Production efficiency? Innovation? Customer service? (Barney & Wrigth, 1998) 2. Where in the value chain is the greatest leverage for achieving this differentiation? (Barney & Wrigth, 1998) 3. Which employees or employee groups provide the greatest potential to differentiate a firm from…show more content…
Manager of a firm should understand the Value and role of People in the Firm. It has always been proven that Workforce available in the firm contributes toward customer satisfaction, customer relation, resources utilization and achievement of organization goal as workforce plays important role in firm that provides value to organization good and services (Reichheld, 1996). Understand the value and role of workforce will enable manager to enhance innovation and development of new product and services, which as a result organization can get competitive advantages through efficiency and loyalty. 2. Manager implementing strategies should understand the company mission and values. It is difficult to achieve competitive advantages and to plan for HRM, if managers implementing does not know the values and missions of the organization. And person implementing strategies should be also align HR objective with organizational objective. Understand firm’s mission and vision will enable prepare and have loyal and motivated to introduce growth, profit, innovation and etc… during changing times of organization. 3. Manager implementing strategies should understand training and development…show more content…
This understand will led to increased interest in the impact on organizational performance, and provides positive relationship between high performance work practices and company performance (Huselid, 1995) which as a result enable firm to achieve greater outcomes. 5. Manager Implementing should understand workforce functions in relationship to competitors Understand the workforce functions in relationship to competitors is very important as this will help in identifying which performs should be copied to maintain competitive correspondence (Barney & Wrigth, 1998). More over this implements will enable the HR executive deliver advantages for the firm with unique and competitive situation. In order to have effective and efficient Human Resources strategies to have sustainable competitive advantage, the manager need to understand and increase their skills based upon above stated implements. Moreover, manager who looks after HR practices need to be organized, multitasking, negotiator, communicator, dual focus, problem solving and conflict manager (Schleifer & Buruce, 2006) as Manager play an important role in developing the human assets that provide competitive advantage. (Barney J. B.,

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