Comparing Mesopotamia And Egypt

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Civilization is a complex change in a society; ie when a society progresses in values, power, resource, science, writing, philosophy, religion, and so on. Mesopotamia and Egypt are ancient civilizations that appeared in 3500 BCE. These civilizations had significant progress, which can be compared as writing, art, technology and social classes. In the area of writing, Mesopotamia developed a writing system, because of their need to record different information. The first script developed by the inhabitants of Mesopotamia were pictographs, which were used to record and report on farming and taxes. Over time the writing change a little and became a script which they called cuneiform. This writing was done with the awl on clay tablets. The Egyptians also by necessity developed a…show more content…
The statues showed the kings posing in prayer. The entire sculpture was used for religious purposes. Some paintings were made to glorify the soldierly victories. In Egyptian art was represented in temples and tombs, through drawings reflecting everyday events. The drawings were made with charcoal and painted with bright colors made from natural minerals. Their statues were kings, animals and gods. The sculptures in Mesopotamia and Egypt showed gods with oversized eyes. Some of the sculptures showed the victorious kings against their enemies. In Mesopotamia developed metallurgy which is the technique for extracting metals from ores and transform them. With metals such as copper, bronze, gold and iron, palaces were decorated also with these materials were made armor, swords, daggers, and so on. They invented the manufacture of glass, glass containers are made. They invented textile weaving, where woolen fabric, linen and palm fiber was used. They also invented a flood control. The Egyptians invented the ramp and the lever for use in construction. They invented paper made from papyrus which used for

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