Comparing Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamian Civilization

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When you think of Egypt, what do you think of? When you think of Mesopotamia, what do you think of? Do you think of these two ancient civilizations being similar? How about different? When comparing two ancient civilizations from thousands of years ago, it is easy to see similarities and differences from the two. Some ways that the two civilizations differ and are equal are the environmentally, politically, religiously, and socially factors of each civilization. Although the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations are similar, they have many characteristics that make them very different from each other. First, the Mesopotamian and Egyptian ancient civilizations differ and are equal in the way of the environment. Each civilization had similarities in the fact that they both have rivers that their respected cities developed around. Egypt had the Nile River, and Mesopotamia had both the Tigris and Euphrates. Both of the civilizations had a river, but the rivers in each civilization were vastly different from each other. In Egypt, the river flooded annually around the same time each year, after the crops were harvested. As for Mesopotamia, Reilly said it right in the book Worlds of History, “in Mesopotamia the flood was the enemy” (Reilly). The…show more content…
The Egyptian territory stretched for thousands of miles along the Nile River. The Egyptian way of life was pretty much unified and independent for thousands of year. Since the Egyptians had a natural protection from all sides, most people lived in small rural villages along the river. There was no need to live in colossal cities for protection from the outside world, although they did have some urban life. In some of the small cities they had market places so people could trade for goods, political capitals, and major burial sites. The Egyptians were ruled by a pharaoh. They believed that he was a god in a human

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