Comparing Egypt And Mesopotamia

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Egypt and Mesopotamia are two very different civilizations; they each incorporate several various strategies used for survival. Another difference between the two cultures is their beliefs about marriage and divorce. Egypt relies on the Nile to provide a continuous water supply, and a more efficient way to transport up and down the river. “A steady northern wind propelled ships sailing against the current, and traffic moving in the opposite direction had the assistance of the flow of the river itself.” Mesopotamia became the first civilization to integrate human energies into the creation of huge temple complexes, extensive irrigation, and flood control projects. “Directing the operations was a talented elite that drew on the then revolutionary information storage recovery technique of writing to control the collection, storage, and redistribution of the…show more content…
“ If art is any guide, husbands and wives had warm loving relationships: they are often show seated side by side, the husband’s arm resting on the wife’s shoulders, while her hand lies on his forearm.” During this time, women were given an abundance of freedom and could typically do the same tasks as the men. For example, women had the power to buy property, keep it during marriage, or get rid of it however they desired. Contracts made between men and women during this time gave them both equal possession. Marriage contracts often made divorce not worth the effort due to the financial stipulations. Divorce in Egypt was not common because concubinage was accepted, even in monogamous relationships. If a woman could not produce a child the concubine could raise them, making divorce unnecessary. However, the first wife still had the authority over the concubine, even after she is accepted into the family. If the marriage ended in divorce, the wife had to be given enough of the man’s fortune so that she is financially

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