How Did Martin Luther King Jr Influence

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Some historians believe that Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t a central role in the times of 1960’s. However these ideas are challenged through the events such as the Montgomery bus boycott, Little Rocks as well as organizations such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which showcased his natural talent as a leader. King was a central role in the lives of African-Americans and had all began when he joined the NACCP. During the 1960’s, the National Association of Advancement of Colored People had been established in which King was the leader of. He had focused on the social movements against the Jim Crow Laws and argued the ideas of being separated yet equal. This was initially the primary focus of the protests. (Source D). King led…show more content…
This way of King’s influence helped to showcase the extreme racism in a light that made international headlines. In Arkansas, several student applied to school, however were rejected from due to state troops standing in front of them. Segregation in schools was illegal at this time however black people still encountered angry mobs and verbal abuse. Mature behavior was shown by the young ages of 15 years old through the black students. (Source E). His influences had been effective due to his natural leadership skills. Martin Luther King Jr. was seen as a great leader from all races due to his motivational and planning skills. Black people before the Civil Rights Movement were mentally vulnerable due to slavery and therefore had seen Martin King Jr. as a hero and a sign of hope. He understood the importance and adopted the non-violent protest ideas from an Indian nationalist, Ghandi. King through his speeches had used his faith to anchor his words during speeches. He was therefore known as the political-spiritual voice the blacks. Famous speeches such as “I have a dream” made Americans to consider major changes in the way black people were treated. (Source A). However there are some people who would disagree with
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