Compare And Contrast Trotsky And Stalin

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Trotsky and Stalin Trotsky and Stalin were both very smart men. They were also very similar. They both were powerful revolutionaries before 1917, but when Trotsky banished and pursued a pamphlet war on the government, Stalin stayed there and went to prison. From the beginning, Stalin was always a supporter of Lenin and a Bolshevik. Trotsky was always an intent Menshevik, and he then joined the Bolsheviks in 1917 when they were going to bring revolution. This is when Trotsky was responsible for the successful Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. And he was also responsible for the Bolshevik civil war victory. But he was very prideful and arrogant which made him often disliked. Stalin was also very dedicated to the Bolsheviks in 1900. But in 1907, he…show more content…
Trotsky was a convincing speaker and maintained a perceptible existence in foreign affairs and was recognized by many people as their inheritor. Trotsky was also very influenced by Marxism. But there were some things that he did not agree with, so he created his own type of Marxism called Trotskyism. His idea of Trotskyism is having socialism in the entire world by continuing revolution. He created a theory called Permanent Revolution which would help support workers' revolution around the world. When Lenin died, somebody obviously needed to take over. Lenin thought of Stalin as a sick man and surrounded by women. He also did not trust him with all the power in his hands. And when Stalin was the general secretary, he only promoted members that were loyal to him and he cold-heartedly dismissed opponents. And due to Stalin's policies, millions of farmers were forced onto individual farms and starved. And corrective labor camps were also set up across the Soviet Union. About 15 million people were sent to those camps and had to work in horrible conditions. And many deaths followed. Stalin's rule during the outrageous expulsion murdered millions of so-called opponents. Stalin's Communist Party took over the Russian

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