African American Imperialism

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Imperialism is defined as a “policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, and other means” (“Imperialism”-Wikipedia). In other words, imperialism involves the domination of third world nations by first world nations. First World nations are considered to have unlimited access to education, literacy, technology-involving telegraph and transportation-, strong political systems, and power rich whereas, Third World nations have none or limited access to these resources. The First World sees these Third World nations as breeding grounds waiting to be colonized. First World went on “civilizing missions” in order to help Third World nations have access to education, technologies, and political systems.…show more content…
The Japanese and Belgian empires both are oppressive and heavy-handed ruler, expansion of commerce in countries, and their power to exploit. Although Japanese and Belgian have many similar traits, their reasons for imperialism were similar yet very different. Japan was focused on the modernization of Korea, the infrastructure, and the loss of Korean culture. Belgian on the other hand was mainly concerned with becoming wealthy from the natural resources available in the Congo, safety for Belgian citizens, and they could care less about the welfare of the Congolese. The Belgian Empire was a powerful First World nation located in northwest Europe and joined the race for colonies in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Similar to other European nations, Belgium wants to civilize Third World nations in order to exploit their natural resources. King Leopold II was the monarch of the empire and was ready to acquire colonies in order to bring wealth and prestige to Belgium. King Leopold’s eyes were set on countries in Africa: especially the Congo. He was…show more content…
The first photo for the Congo shows the exploitation of the Congolese and the treatment they received from the Congo. The first photo for Korea highlights the exploitation of Korean women to Japanese soldiers. This photo shows that these groups of people experienced exploitation differently but equally. Japan and Belgium used exploitation as one of their greatest factors in imperialism. The other two photos show the everyday life of the Congolese and Koreans. The Koreans lifestyle is very rural with dirt streets and huts, which is very similar to the lifestyle of the Congolese. The Congolese have less clothes on than the Koreans. In the two pictures, you can see the Koreans are more covered up and shielded whereas the Congolese are more open, only covering their private areas. The difference in dress code shows the different cultures that the Japanese and Belgian Empires possessed. The Japanese Empire was more exclusive and more protected whereas the Belgian Empire was more open and

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