Winter Olympics Essay

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Both the winter Olympics and Paralympics are the two mega sports event, where most of the countries will participate. The winter Olympics, is held in winter where most of the games are played. On the other side, the Paralympics, are for the people who are physically disabled sports persons. These are the world’s biggest sporting events, where sports person can show their talent and skills to the entire worlds. These are not only just a game event, it brings the whole world together and spread humanity, love and true sportsmanship. Nowadays, political parties are using this platform to create and discuss a different issue because it is a mega event where the whole world is watching and that can put a greater impact on the global. The winter Olympic Games are considered as one of the most prestigious game. This game started in the ancient Greece, around 3000 years ago, but in the late 19th century, it was reformed and became an excellent, sporting competition ( staff, 2010). In addition; this competition is held every four years, summer and winter by alternating each and other ( staff, 2010). There are some few countries like France, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Norway and U.S.A. have organized the winter Olympics in which 12 other countries have participated ( staff, 2009). In this game event, every…show more content…
There should not be any direct or indirect political influence in these types of sports event and it should be fair and played with the true spirit of sportsmanship. Government should not make any type of policies and norm that affect a game and led down the game spirit. So that, the politicians should not be part of any sports event to make a sports game fair and to make sports spirit alive as well as to carry the legacy of the Olympics game for the future generation so they can also have a feeling of the mankind and true

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