The Object's Response To A Rose For Emily

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1. What is your response to "A Rose for Emily"? Like it? Hate it? Why? - I actually had to read A Rose for Emily for my English 1301 class that I took in the summer so this will be a response based on how I responded to it then. When I first read this story I thought it was interesting choice for the author to start the story with her death then go back in time. Throughout the story the author gives the audience enough information to keep the story going and interesting but not enough to expect the ending. 2. Is Miss Emily motivated by love or something more dangerous? Explain your answer - I personally think that Miss Emily is motivated by her view of herself. At the beginning of the story we learn that Miss Emily came from a very wealthy…show more content…
Choose an object Faulkner places in the story. Discuss the object's symbolism and how it parallels Miss Emily's demented character. - I decided to discuss the toiletry set that Miss Emily had bought for the foreman with his initials on them and everything. I feel like this speaks most to her demented character because she bought these after she had bought the poison. Having her buy the object in this order revealed that she did want to kill him however that she still wanted to spend the rest of her life with him no matter if he was dead or alive. 4. One of the elements in literature is "conflict." Typically, a text can have two kinds: a. External Conflict: character vs. character, character vs. nature, character vs. God/fate. Internal Conflict: Character vs. Self. Which of these conflicts do you think is most prevalent in the story? You must choose only one. Defend your answer with scenes from the story. - man vs. society - Emily seems to have had a conflict with society since the beginning her father did not let her have a healthy social life and eventually she became a totally outcast by the time he died. As the years went buy she refused to the see the changes and lived in the past. Emily had never paid for her taxes before and she refused even more when they elected someone new into office. Paying taxes is the smallest part about being in society and by having Miss Emily not pay her taxes Faulkner shows how truly removed she was from it and that she in her own world

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