Persuasive Essay On The Virtual World

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The advancement of technology that our society has been privileged with is starting to take over human emotions and replace them with those of a robot. For instance, our responses to a deep conversation are becoming very brief and we are starting to yield our own opinions so we suit society guidelines. When it comes to the discussion of technology, particularly our smartphones I have mixed feelings because, in my opinion, we do have a great tool in the palm of our hands. However, I additionally think human emotions are starting to become noticeably silenced because of our new-found love, smartphones. I believe it is imperative for us to comprehend our emotions so that we can better the understanding of not only each other but also ourselves. I strongly think society needs to evict the virtual world and…show more content…
While I was annotating this article, I re-read this sentence at least a dozen times. My statement seems silly because the sentence itself is basically straightforward. My brain was trying to process why having a conversation with yourself is very important and then I recalled that it is only in solitude when you start to fully understand yourself. While experiencing solitude you will come to understand why imagination or daydreaming is very powerful. I believe that some people have been taught that solitude is negative because it allows you to experience the emotions we do not want to feel, but without learning how to process those specific emotions how would we learn to handle the roller coaster of life? “It’s that we don’t allow these conversations to happen in the first place because we keep our phones in the landscape.” Sherry Turkle explains. I firmly agree with the claim Turkle makes because I have had countless friendships fail due to not indulging in deep conversation. Solitude is a very important word to me now and I have gained more respect for

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