Essay On Quality Of Education

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Abstract Discussions relative to the quality of education often remain blurred by the lack both of clarity, as well as of a common understanding of what is actually meant by the term quality. This study aims to look into some of higher education commission’s initiatives for improving the quality of higher education. The hypotheses that quality contributes more in raising the standard of education. The sample comprised of Department of Education from International Islamic University Islamabad. Purposive sample will be use to collect the data. It is hoped that we explore the influence of quality or quantity of education in life. Introduction A child starts learning soon after taking birth. The purpose of learning goes on the whole life. Man learns from the surrounding of nature and society. The environment varies from place to place and with the pace of time the structure of society changes. Education prepares a man to understand his environment and adapt to it. It enables him to lead a better life in the environment around him. Education also plays a vital for the survival and progress of society. Understanding the Concept: The world education has its root in the Latin word ‘educatum’…show more content…
However in developing countries, where a important part of the school age population never attends school (and most of those who do attend drop out after a few years), and where physical access to schools is a serious problem, policymakers must consider both quality and quantity when deciding how to maximize the impact of limited investment resources. The current study explicitly acknowledges this fundamental difference in the policy environment in developing countries, and provides comparative estimates of the impact of quality versus quantity investments in school
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