Case Study: Educational Inequality In Our World

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Born in x, I have grown up in a time of political instability. Surrounded by an unstable political environment, I remember asking my father about the crisis in the Middle East. Since then, I found myself looking into political science while observing the insurmountable power of the West and the political unrest in the East. Throughout the years, I have developed a passion for politics. Reading about history, economics and sociology has opened the world for me, and reinforced my enthusiasm for improvement on a universal level. I frequently read internationally recognized journals and magazines in order to stay up to date with current affairs and to gain different perspectives on issues. Studying political sciences also appeals to me because of the possibility of leadership.…show more content…
For instance, I organized a debate for the “x” class at x. This nourishing environment not only enabled me to interact with several other international students, but also to discuss and learn the various aspects of a great leadership. During the debate on the issue of “Educational Inequality In Our World”, I gave a speech detailing the inequality of education especially for the young girls in my country and offered possible solutions. This was a very sensitive issue for me, because although I have had access to the best education that is available in my country, I knew that many other girls were not that lucky. Thus, my main goal during this meeting was to inspire and encourage others to make a change on these kinds of inequalities whose main cause is political issues such as the lack of democracy. Therefore, I strongly believe that studying politics is necessary to tackle the global political crises. As a matter of fact, It is my long term ambition to enhance the political system in my own country by implementing the European norms and

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