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REVIEW PAPER ON NANOTECHNOLOGY IN SOLAR CELL K.SAKTHIPRIYA ,S.NIRANJANA. Y.POOJA REDDY, A.Deepak ABSTRACT In this review paper it is discussed about how the nanotechnology is used in the solar cell. History of the nanotechnolgy and the reason behind the name nanotechnology . It is said about various fields of application in nanotechnology. It is discussed about the classical solar cell with the usage of silicon material and the working of the classical solar cell. The reason behind low conversion efficiency due to the usage of silicon material . To overcome this problem we use quantum dot which is the nano material it is used in the solar cell. Due to the usage of quantum dot which has multi junction band gap…show more content…
Nanotechnology was founded by Richard feymann in the year 1959. He said that there is plenty of room at the bottom[11]. Nano refer to the word small . Technology refer to the making, usage and knowledge of tools, machines and techniques in order to solve the problem. The design and characterization, of the nanotechnology at the nanometer scale produces the product small. Due to the reduction of size there will be change in their physical or other property[11]. For example due to the change in the physical property there will change in the colour eg- gold at the nanoscale appears in the red colour. In the chemical property there will be change in the rate of reaction . In the mechanical property strength increase due to the change of mechanical property. Nanotechnology is the world young technology it is used for all kind of application and it is spread world wide . It makes the product smaller , lighter , stronger , and more…show more content…
It is the fast growing technology in the world. From space to construction works nanotechnology is used . It is used in all the material and the product in world. Nanotechnology provide the material in smaller size with lighter, stronger and it makes faster. It is used in all the fields like in the medicine field it is used to cure cancer and it is used in many of the drugs and medical instrument. In the space it is used in the construction of the space vehicles and many other. In the fields of construction it is used in the making of cement by using the nano particle , which makes the product stronger and lighter. Likewise, it is used in many of our application in the world. One of the important application is that nanotechnology is used in the field of energy for examples it is used in the making of the solar cell. By the use of this technology we can improve the efficiency of the solar

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