Colonists Goals In Early America

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The colonists’ goals in forming these colonies in America were to fulfill their covenant with God by spreading the word of the Lord. This formed many of the ideals seen in early America such as strong communities and salvation, but there were obstacles hindering the pursuit of a Christian society. When colonists sought out to settle the Americas, a colonist, by the name John Winthrop, explained what the colonies’ goals should be. He states that “We have entered into a covenant with Him,” which implies that the colonist wished to repay God for giving them life by carrying out this covenant. John later says that “We shall be a city upon a hill”. The colony is now being watched and they must live a life worshipping God in order to lead others into Christ. This is how colonists believed to fulfill their end of the covenant they owe God.…show more content…
As seen in “A model of Christian Charity,” John Winthrop announces, “Therefore let us choose life, that we and our seed my live by obeying him”. He claims that the seed or colony must all choose to obey God for the whole to survive. This specifically points out the community as a whole must work together under the Lord in order to thrice. Ina similar manner, Native Americans even showed signs of community in the story of “Sky Tree”. Aataentsic says that “Without the tree, there can be no life,” which goes head to tail with John Winthrop idea. The tribe bases its community around the tree which provides them with life. The aspect of a community around a common belief is shown throughout the
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