Dishonesty In Othello Essay

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A man’s race has been the cause of consternation and prejudice across generations. In Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, race was proven to be paramount in the downfall of Othello, as it formed the basis of his insecurities and provided a foundation for the jealousy that drives the play. In addition to the deceit and dishonesty he is subjected to, Othello’s character deteriorates throughout the play to a weak shadow of his former self as a result of the racist attitudes surrounding him. Racism, dishonesty and jealousy are the key elements that led to Othello’s tragic downfall, each factor contributing significantly to the development of the play. Othello’s status as an outsider is the predominant cause in the development of his insecurities. These…show more content…
The dichotomy of truth and deceit is an influential theme throughout the play, fuelling the jealousy that was the ultimate reason for Othello’s downfall. Each character engages in deceitful behaviour throughout the plot, shattering trust and breeding unsolicited convictions that lead to the death of numerous persons. Shakespeare implemented asides and dramatic irony to effectively portray the dishonesty. The audience is subjected to the internal monologues of the characters, revealing their true intents and thoughts. This gives the audience an advantage over the characters, the dramatic irony enhancing their understanding of the plot and increasing their involvement in the play. This is exemplified in Iago’s manipulation of Emilia to retrieve the handkerchief. The audience is aware that Iago plans to use the handkerchief to further his malicious tactics, unlike Emilia who is subjected to his manipulation. Upon realising the truth, Emilia states that Iago “Lies to the heart.” Iago’s deception and lies were the cause of Othello’s jealousy, assisted by his insecurities due to his race, which lead to his tragic

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