How Do Adolescents Affect Young Adults

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Teenagers between the ages of 15-17 years old are transitioning out of the first phase of adolescence, and are oftentimes less challenging to handle than their 11-14 years old counterparts. Girls, have usually reached physical maturity and are very conscientious about their appearance and weight. Boys, on the other hand, are still developing physically with changes in their voices and facial hair growth being the most noticeable, as well as height and muscle development. Some of the key socio-emotional caracteristics at this age are: self-assurance increases; the ability to handle peer pressure becomes more prevalent than in their younger years; teens also are becoming more independent at this age; and are also beginning to think about college and their futures. Finally, as far as intellectual characteristics, teens at this age are better at solving problems, more apt to listen to others opinions, improving their organizational skills, and oftentimes challenge things at school and rules…show more content…
She is unable to hear me speak in class and needs a visual component while listening to any audio presentations of the lesson or a video shown in class. She has an interpreter who accompanies her to class and I try to provide closed captioning whenever possible when presenting a video. Because of her physical disability she struggles a little socially and is conscientious of the others students opinions of her. However, she is a motivated student and does her best to accomplish each task and assignment at a very high academic level. Sometimes, group discussions can be a problem as she is unable to express herself very well verbally, but with the interpreter the class is able to hear her opinion and comments. Lastly, an important thing for me to always remember is that I must work closely with others who are knowledgeable about her physical disability as observed by Hall, Oyer, & Haas

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