Analyze The Reasons For The Outbreak Of The American Revolution Essay

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Maggie Albright Question 2 Reasons for the Outbreak of the American Revolution The American Revolution, starting in 1775, began as a conflict between the thirteen colonies and Great Britain. Although there was not one single event or cause of the revolution, the war began as a disagreement over how Great Britain treated the colonies and the way the colonies felt they should be treated. The colonies believed their rights as British citizens had been violated. Leading up to the war was the Enlightenment. A period and philosophy that had already caused many riots, protests, and destruction. John Locke helped to coin the phrase, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This in many ways summarized the colonists’ ultimate goal. After many…show more content…
With Britain being in virtual bankruptcy from the French and Indian War, they tried to gain control over the colonies by attempting to make them help pay the large debt. Some good examples of money raising legislation included the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Townshend Acts. The colonies did not agree with this and were very angry that they were being taxed without having representatives in Parliament. Protests and the boycotting of British goods escalated, this led to the Boston Massacre in 1770. Although only five people died during this confrontation (an African American named Crispus Attucks being one of the four), it served as an excuse for many more protests and riots against taxes, and also led to the infamous formation of The Sons of Liberty. This secret group of tradesmen and merchants grew to thousands and existed in every colony. Their most popular goal was taking the law into their own hands forcing Stamp Distributors throughout the colonies to resign and by using effective

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