Chesapeake Vs New England Colonies Dbq Essay

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In the era of colonial America, regions were separated into distinct societies, especially the New England and Chesapeake regions. Socially, families and individuals from the colonies were different in number, beliefs, and social mobility. The economies of the colonies differed in their foundations and various industries. Concerning politics, each region had a their own form of self-government and extent of political authority. Although the New England and Chesapeake regions were settled by people of English origin, by 1700 the colonies developed to be uniquely diverse in social and cultural standings, economic growth, and political involvement, which caused the distinction between the two societies. The seventeenth century was the main stage…show more content…
Since the two regions had contrasting economic apparatuses, they diverted into more distinct societies. In New England, particularly Massachusetts, the economy was structured with regulations that were in accordance to their beliefs to serve God. These regulations were called the Articles of Agreement (Document D). The articles structured Massachusetts by affirming a unification between the rich and poor and declaring an equal allocation of land and properties among both social classes all while keeping their faith in God. Similarly in Connecticut, there were wages and price regulations set each year to unify the employed and employers and to enable them to serve God (Document E). These regulations would provide community support. In like manner, the principles of Massachusetts and regulations in Connecticut allowed the economy of New England to flourish by emphasizing unity prevails over individualism. In other words, the New England region was driven by religion to achieve success in their economy, tying both social and cultural beliefs with economic standards which differentiated the region more from the

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