College Essay: Why College Is The Best Choice Of College

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College is a important experience in a person's life, and choosing the right college to attend matters. College is a place to learn more about a career that you love and enjoy doing. Many of the opportunities in college are going to be hard to find in any other place, so missing out on college will make it hard to discover many opportunities. When looking for the right college to go to , I take many options into consideration. The University of Wyoming includes having a exceptional school campus,cost of attending, academics, and admission, for this reason UW is the best choice for me. School Campus The University of Wyoming occupies a small town called Laramie, Wyoming. It is a slightly larger town than Fallon, NV. There is almost 32,000 people who reside in Laramie which is 23,500 more people than Fallon. It takes 13 hours to drive from Fallon to Laramie, which means coming home often will be hard. Being a…show more content…
A nice school in a good location where I can enjoy my college experience is important because I don't want to be unhappy with my surroundings while in college because it can cause stress. A huge part of college is education, people go to college to get a higher education. IN the future if I want to succeed in life I need to be able to learn in the classes that I will take, If I dont learn anything in the classes I enroll in I won't succeed in my life or college.. Some matters that might affect my choice of attending the University of Wyoming is cost. Cost is important to me because I want to go to college but if the tuition costs to much it can be hard to find a good college that not be to expensive. If they raise the tuition it will make it harder to attend the school. Also if they end some of the scholarships that help make the cost easier to maintain it might affect my choice. Another reason that might affect my choice is if I find a better

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