Why Do Ghosts Exist

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The principle of ghosts comes from remote times, it has been spoken of in almost all cultures. There have always been testimonies and stories about these beings, being an element of stories, myths and terribly popular legends. Throughout history, people have believed in the supernatural when faced with an incomprehensible or mysterious fact. Etymologically, the term phantom is derived from the Greek phainesthai, which means: appear, show, become visible, shine. For the Greeks, ghost meant reflection and made reference to the images that we can create in our mind. In other words, this term is used to refer to a series of mental images or memories, which manage to disturb us. Currently, the most common form in which the word ghost is used is…show more content…
The general belief assumes that a soul does not find rest because it has left an unfinished task. The soul can aspire to find heaven, hell or purgatory, depending on how his life on earth was. Having said all that, the most famous question that everyone does to themselves is, do ghosts exist? In the first place, testimonies about ghosts always are about something that scares the individual, whether it's a moving object or a haunted house. Sometimes it is a silhouette that someone saw and that causes terror. Often, the person who thinks he has seen a ghost, has only noticed a glimpse and it is the experience of the moment that gives him chills of fear for the whole…show more content…
They even make us believe that those same spectrums of childhood stories are inside us and ready to face us at every moment. The classic solution to the fear we feel at sleep is to leave the light on as a factual guarantee that what we see is the real thing and not the imagination that the darkness of our room proposes to us. But, what makes us to believe in the existence of ghost the most, are testimonies of people that have sensed or perceived a real ghost. These testimonies are often of people who live in small and isolated town since in those kinds of places are where these beliefs are more common. I have my own testimony, I’m from a small town four hours from Panama City, it was early morning, I heard the papers of my desk flying around as if something just appeared in my room, I felt a presence right next to my bed. Something was staring at me. Five minutes later something really cold was pushing me down to keep me laid down. After a while it stopped, I finally opened my eyes and saw that the door was locked. There are many of testimonies like this or even worse that make people to believe in the existence of ghost but what nobody knows is if those presences are good or bad. Some people say that they are angels, other people confirm that they are demons and even other people say that they are just souls of purgatory,

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