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Athletics is one of my favorite topics to discuss and my favorite hobbies. College athletes deal with many stressful things, but also there are many positive things in there career. There are many different advantages and disadvantages of being a college athlete. I am going to discuss the many different issues that college athletes deal with, my whole family played a sport in college. My mother was a soccer player at Jefferson College, my father played baseball at Western Kentucky, and my sister was a cheerleader at Mineral Area. Having a sports family, and seeing many college athletes I know there are many advantages, and unfortunately heard about all the disadvantages. The first advantage of many is college athletes get to be part of a…show more content…
“If your goal is to play a sport for a living and you are lucky enough to be drafted, it then would become your job. You would be getting paid for you’re performance just as any other person at their job” (Dixon). College athletes work their hardest every day just as much as professionals do that’s just my opinion. College athletes still have to prove to a scout they have it. The kids never know if they will keep their spot or lose it. College sports would be nothing without the athletes. They bring entertainment for families, friends, and fans. Money is also being brought in by all the fans coming out enjoying them play ball. It’s not fair for how much time they put into the sport they won’t get any money out of it. The only thing a college athlete has time for is classes, games, and practices. Unlike a regular student who has more than enough time for a job, girlfriend or boyfriend, and family. Shea Dixon, a college student states that, “Some say that college athletes should not get paid, they should just play for the experience and fun” (Gerdy). This is very true, but look at it from an athlete’s side like myself. I feel like college athletes should get paid, even if it’s only a little bit. A little is better than nothing. Students need money in college, it’s a must have situation. Unless the athlete has a full ride, then they wouldn’t need money for food and other

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