Persuasive Essay: Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

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Why Cheerleading is a Sport To cheer or not to cheer, that is the question, or is it? The real question is whether cheerleading is a sport or not, and personally I know that it is. Cheerleading has evolved since the start in 1884 at Princeton University by Mark Peebles(History of Cheerleading), it is no longer a “Yell Squad”, it has evolved into something so much more than that. In order to be a sport a ball does not need to be incorporated, it doesn't need hard helmets and soft pads, what an activity needs to be considered a sport is hard work, dedication, physically challenging and be a true test to your strength. Who is to say that cheerleading does not involve all these aspects of a sport? A problem we cheerleaders face is society does…show more content…
As previously stated, cheerleading start in 1884 at Princeton university as an all male sport(History of Cheerleading). When the cheerleading first started there was one “Yell Squad,” and now that one squad has evolved into nationally recognized teams that travel the world and compete and show off their talent. Cheerleading started as a support system for other sports, specifically football, and used the traditional "Sis Boom Rah!” From the start at Princeton, a grad from Princeton name Thomas Peebles took the idea of cheerleading along with him to the University of Minnesota(History of Cheerleading, AC). After he carried this to UM the spread of cheerleading in Universities took off like a wild fire. Later in the century, more like one hundred years later, in the summer of 1984 a young man by the name of Lawrence "Herkie" Herkimer held the first cheerleading clinic at Sam Houston State Teacher's College in Texas; 52 students attend. After this task he creates his signature Herkie jump, this just is now very common in high school cheer, college cheer and competitive cheer (History of Cheerleading, AC). Shortly after this Herkimer officially initiates the Nation Cheerleaders Association, better known across the cheer society as NCA. After this advancement in jumps, in 1996 cheerleading All-star teams begin to preform all music routines for the first time and Brian Hallam establishes US Spirit cheer

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