My Ambition In Science

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“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing…” I strongly believe in every word Ralph Waldo Emerson said in this famous quote. For realizing my ambition I have done my bachelors in the exploitation of oil and gas fields in my undergraduate program and specialized in Geoscience Engineering. The black gold continues to hold me fascinated and spellbound with its infinite attractions. In order to understand Geology better, I consider it necessary to travel to the other side of the Pacific Ocean to improve my knowledge and expertise in Geology research. To accomplish my ambition at every stage I planned well and worked hard. Schooling infused in me a keen sense of analytical reasoning and scientific temperament. My ceaseless efforts and strong will power earned me a distinction at intermediate level with Mathematics, Physics and…show more content…
I am an athlete and won medals for discus throw in state level competition and also won medals in national level competition for 100meters sprint and other track events. Practiced “Yamaguchi” (Karate) for five years, which helped me to build physical fitness. At the school level, voted as the Student pupil leader and At UPES have taken active part in most of college fests, seminars and SPE student chapter member. To keep myself abreast with the most recent international developments, I consciously availed myself of all possible opportunities to attend various conferences and special training programs. Attended quite a number of domestic and international conferences such as the UPES SPE annual conference. Guided juniors on various projects and also got selected as a student placement representative. These activities have led to the development of a multifaceted personality and have equipped me with strong interpersonal skills. My academic achievements, research work and inter personal skills were well
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