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The Last Stand of Fox Company is an inspiration to Marines everywhere. It tells a story of men and women fighting against overwhelming numbers. It tells the courage filled acts that took place in Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir. Khe Sanh, and Bella Wood. The story shows how Marines how we have so much honor and how we are Americas elite. It tells the story of how 10000 members of First Marine Division defeated over 100000 Chinese soldiers. There were many heroes in the battle at Fox Hill. Many brave men and woman with courageous tales to tell, but Private Cafferata, Hector’s stands above many. During the battle Cafferata was in fox hole when the Chinese passes through holes in Americas defense. Two Chinese soldiers reached Cafferata’s hole. Cafferata beat them with hos e tool. One of them dropped his machine gun, that’s where Cafferata picked it up and sprayed the enemy with bullets. He then retreated to a trench he had saw earlier to join fellow other Marines. The marines then engaged in many types of combat including hand to hand and bayonet fighting which resulted in the death of the newfound marines.…show more content…
At this time Cafferata was still showing bravery. He would use his e-tool to knock enemy grenades back into their direction. One grenade landed in the trench, he tried to pick it up but it exploded just before leaving his hand. This did not stop him, he continued firing and reloading his M1. With the help of his foxhole buddy Cafferata had about 40 confirmed enemy kills. His commanding officer thought his kill number was closer to one hundred. This stopped the enemy from completely getting through their defenses. He was later shot in the right hand by a sniper bullet. Although he would never use that hand again he received a Medal of Honor for the Corp Values he displayed during the battle. He learned to live life with no regrets to use his left hand to do just about

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