A Career As A Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapist The occupation that I want to pursue is physical therapy. I am interested in this occupation because I enjoy the medical field and it makes great money. The career has come to me in this past year because I am in Health Science and HOSA. I feel like being in these two organizations is helping me get prepared for what I have ahead of me. This career could be very good for people who love sports because you get the opportunity to help injured athletes get back to their sport and be stronger than they were before their injury. This is intriguing because I love watching and playing sports and I always think it is cool when an athlete comes back from an injury and is going at it stronger than ever. Physical therapy is the career for me because I get to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself over the past few years.…show more content…
I could go to Oklahoma University in order to obtain my degrees. This in my opinion is not good because I would like to go to Oklahoma State University but Oklahoma’s Medical program is fantastic. After this, I would have to pass internship and residency, which could take up to three years. After I’ve passed residency, I can then get a fellowship that can help me receive benefits and a salary. Once I’ve passed all of these qualifications, I can then begin to look for a permanent job as a physical therapist if I don’t already have one. There are many towns that need physical therapists and many businesses are willing to hire them also; these places are doctors’ offices, hospitals, home health care services, and many more (Physical Therapist
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