Food Stamp Program

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The food stamp program is the most largest essential welfare policy in the United States. Food the most important basic right for any human being in the world. If we think about most prioritize needs for human, having foods come fast among all of them. Unfortunately our world went through many nature and man made calamity and face enormous devastation, which causes poverty, financial problem and derived certain population into huge suffering. As of today the United States is still not a model of social welfare state. But many significant political and social personality tried to improve the social welfare policies in the Unites States. Undoubtedly Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is one of the best social welfare policy in…show more content…
This historical aid was accomplished by the Federal Surplus Relief Corporation , which transformed into Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation in 1935. The federal government took over acquiring , accumulating, transporting , allocating huge amount of food to state and local relief agencies. In the beginning , eligible recipient buy orange and blue stamps similar to their regular food expenditures . Orange stamps used to buy any food and blue stamps were only to buy certain foods determined by USDA had identify as surplus. West Virginia was the only state did not receive any food stamps because of state’s distinct legislation did not allow exemption of sales tax on blue stamp. But they received different kinds of aid from government. The first food stamps program lasts for years. In those four years food stamps served 20 million people at one time and federal government spent $262 million on that program. The first US food stamps program ended in 1943. But there were many analyzing going on of the effectiveness of food stamps and how did it help on farm…show more content…
Although President Dwight D. Eisenhower never applied the program. President John F. Kennedy promised to bring back food stamps during her presidential campaign in West Virginia. President kept his promise and 1961 , President John F. Kennedy declared inception of food stamps pilot programs of USDA. President Lyndon B. Johnson urged Congress to permanent Food Stamp Program . Finally Congress passed Food Stamp Act of 1964. By 1976 there were so many issue raised to reconstruct of the Food Stamp program by both Republican and Democratic parties. In 1976’s Food Stamp Act conclusively abolished the purchase requirement because obligating people to to buy some stamps to accept more were discouraging to enroll in Food Stamps Program. Before 1976’s Food Stamp Act many homeless people could not receive the benefit because according to 1939’s program people who accessed food stamps benefit had to have cooking facilities, which was unreal for homeless population. Act of 1977’s food stamp program also open opportunity for Native American tribes. It was very unfortunate that it took 40 years to include Native American in the

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