Cognitive Learning Theory

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Learning and Cognitive Theory Introduction Cognitive Learning Theory explains various things regarding brain like why the brain is most incredible network of information processing and interpretation in body as we start to learn things. The word 'learning' usually mean 'to think using the brain'. This is the basic concept of learning. This theory is used to explain mental processes. Learning and Cognitive theories imply that by analyzing mental processes first, different learning processes can be explained. Effective cognitive processes result to easy learning and ineffective cognitive processes results learning difficulties that during the lifetime of an individual can be seen anytime. This theory can be divided into two specific theories.…show more content…
Thoughts play an important part in understanding cognitive theory. Many cognitive theorists believe that without thought processes, we might have no emotions, no behavior and no feelings and therefore we would not function. So, we can say that thoughts always come before any feeling and before any action. By changing thoughts, we can change our mood, improve our relationships, decrease our anxiety and so on. Thoughts have a huge effect on a person's personality. One can quit smoking, make new friends, solve problems, enjoy jobs and more. Jean Piaget's Cognitive Developmental Theory Piaget produced a stage theory of development which states that as a child develops, the mind undergoes series of reorganizations. And a child moves into a higher level of psychological functioning with each reorganization. The goal of the theory is to explain the processes by which the infant and then the child , develops themselves into an individual who can think. Basic Components to Piaget's Cognitive Theory There are three basic components to Piaget's Cognitive…show more content…
Assimilation refers to the use of existing schema to deal with new situations, object or knowledge. Accommodation refers to the existing schema that does not work and needs to be changed to deal with new situation, object or knowledge. The process of assimilation and accommodation always work together. Stages Child's cognitive development refers to the development of a child`s mental model of the world. If one do not have mental model of the world, one would not be able to make use of information form past experiences or to plan future actions. In Piaget's view, a person has different thinking in all the stages of life. Applications of Cognitive Theory Cognitive psychologists attempt to help individuals in identifying the way people thinks and help them changing their negative thinking. Cognitive psychologist’s study internal processes like perception, attention, memory, language and thinking. They focus on the way people process information and help them to change their destructive patterns of

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