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The articles in the following review are directly linked to the cognitive learning theory and how it affects our learners today. These articles highlight the positive influences of the cognitive learning theory and aspects that have evolved to change our lives for the better. These articles also emphasize the factors that make this theory; together with ergonomics and the need to structure the classroom efficiently to aid learning effectively to benefit the education process; an influential aspect in our everyday teaching lives. The idea of different teaching theories is not a new one, all teachers some what think that the way the do things is better then the next person and everyone wants to be recognised for it but many few actually do.…show more content…
The underlying concepts of cognitivism involve how we think and gain knowledge. Cognitivism involves examining learning, memory, problem solving skills, and intelligence. Cognitive theorists may want to understand how problem solving changes throughout childhood, how cultural differences affect the way we view our own academic achievements, language development, and much more.” (Feldman,…show more content…
The formal operational stage begins around age twelve and lasts throughout our adult lives. During this stage we develop both logical and abstract thinking. Our thought process is ever changing. For example, if you ask a four year old girl why she eat apples, she may say, "they're yummy." Asking the same question to a twelve year old girl may get you a response such as, "they're good for me" Asking a college student in a nutrition class why a person eats apples can lead to an entire discussion on what foods you should eat and what they do for you. During each stage we gain life experiences and increase our knowledge through them. Piaget also believed that a child who hadn't completed certain developmental stages could not learn things from higher developmental stages. For example, a child who has not learned language could not think

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