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I feel like barbie is a detrimental object to young girls because she gives off a negative influence on young girls. I infer that barbie is a negative influence because of the way she dresses, I say that due to the fact she wears skirts, shirts that show cleavage and her body type is skinny. Mattel states in the copyrighted version of the Barbie sticker album that “the shape of the doll, its clothes and the focus on dating activities presents sexual attractiveness as a key to popularity.” This evidence brings me to my conclusion that barbie is in fact a negative influence because she is presenting young girls with sexual images and leaving them with the impression that they can do, wear whatever they want and think they are better than everyone…show more content…
This transferred over into my life during football and in school, it helped me in football because if we were losing we couldn’t just give up and quit we had to keep pushing till the end. It helped me not give up even though deep down inside I wanted to give up. I never really liked school as a kid and I still don’t but I knew I had to get my education, it really helped me in school because if I failed a test or quiz I would just want to give up.When I would start to think about giving up I would think back to Scooby Doo and how he never gave up no matter what the circumstances where he also finished his…show more content…
I actually learned that from the bad guys in the show because they would do something and always end up getting caught in the end. It was an eye opener to me because I knew I did not want to be in trouble, so I would try my hardest to always do what was right. Scooby Doo is the most influential childhood memory because it gave me tools that I used in my life growing to help me get to college and be the person I am today, it saved me from getting in trouble which is a blessing because when I would be getting ready to do something wrong the bad guys from the show would pop into my head and remind me that I should not be doing this. Barbie dolls are a negative influence on young people’s life because she gives off bad images and provides them with negative messages. Scooby Doo is the most influential TV show for young people and recommend it to all because it will give you three tools that will help you succeed in life. It will teach you to work in a team which comes along with getting along with others, it will teach to never give up keep pushing until you get right, which comes with patience; finally, it will help you do the right things and to know there are consequences to your

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