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As facilitators, teachers focus on how they can promote learning to the learners. One of the Principles of Learning by Horne and Pine (1990) states learning is the discovery of ideas and their significance to the person through his own understanding. The principle sees the necessity of the teacher to relate the lessons to the needs, interest and problems of learners. Another principle of the same proponent states that learning is a consequence of experience. It supports one of the constructivist theories, which is discovery-learning theory by Bruner. It states that the learner’s experiences and learnings from the past influences and helps easily integrate them to new information. Students interact with the world by discovering and handling…show more content…
There are principles to attend to this diversity in Guiding Principles in the Selection and Use of Strategies. Few of these principles are 1.) Learning is an active process. 2.) The more senses that are involved in learning, the more and the better the learning. 3.) Guiding Principles in the Selection and Use of Teaching Strategies: 3.) A non-threatening atmosphere enhances learning. 4.) Emotion has the power to increase retention and learning. 5.) Learning is meaningful when it is connected to the students’ everyday life. 6.) Good teaching goes beyond recall of information. 7.) An integrated teaching approach is far more effective than teaching isolated bits of…show more content…
However, performance alone does not specify the teachers’ competence, especially during recently with the implementation of the K-12 curriculum. Although few schools rely on performance, most campuses require credentials such as years of experience, a high degree, certificates and others of the likes as these also help the school become more proficient in terms of the quality of teaching. Since schools are also competing to be number one, the study will help determine Saint Michael College of Caraga’s place regarding the preparedness of Mathematics and Science teachers. The study will also help teachers assess themselves and consider the study a basis for their improvement. Students and parents are also members of the recipients because learning takes place not only in schools, but also in homes. Part of quality teaching is handling students and their parents

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