A Critical Analysis Of Allison Davis: Adolescence And Socialized Ixiety

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Allison Davis- Adolescence and socialized anxiety Allison Davis talks about the socialization as a process by which an individual learns about new way of learning and interacting with the members of a group or a society. He learns to differentiate between the socially acceptable and not so acceptable behavior by positive and negative reinforcement. Davis talks about the concept of socialized anxiety. As during adolescence socialization and social acceptance is very important , if an individual has the apt social anxiety he/ she will be socially more mature and responsible . However if the social anxiety is either extremes it can lead to maladjustment. The social anxiety is also dependent on the social class in which an adolescent is placed.…show more content…
the ability to think beyond the mental operations to thinking in an abstract manner. It enabled adolescents to differentiate between tangible and intangible concepts. It helps them to deduce hypothetically and to entertain relativity. He believed that the thought process change significantly at this age , where not only do the teens make deductions but also carefully control and analyze their thoughts. Lawrence Kohlberg's Cognition Developmental approach to Adolescent Morality According to Kohlberg, moral reasoning is the ethical behavior. Morality is an idea that is primeval, unparalleled and social as the adolescent transits through various stages. Kohlberg talks about three basic levels of moral level, the pre conventional level or pre moral level, the conventional and the post conventional or autonomous level. As the adolescent graduates from childhood into adulthood the moral thinking also develops and in some individuals it brings about a divine awareness of universal and ethical values. 1) The first pattern described by Spranger can be referred to as Renaissance or rebirth where an individual sees himself as another person. He like Stanley referred to this phase as a phase of stress and

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