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There are many differences between the disney and chinese version of Cinderella. One example is the story explains about what happened to Cinderella’s mother. Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother have always mistreated Cinderella and doing everything they tell her to do and they were also the ones who couldn’t let cinderella go to the ball. The Fairy Godmother is the one who helps Cinderella’s dream come true by giving her a beautiful dress, glass slippers, turns all her friends into horses, a driver, and a coachman. The Prince is the one who danced with Cinderella when she entered the ball and he intended on finding her when she left the castle and left her glass slipper on the staircase. When the Grand Duke tried on the glass slipper on Cinderella, she was soon married to the prince and they lived happily…show more content…
One example is the Fairy Godmother is a fish. Yeh-Shen has only one stepsister, and a very mean stepmother.They always bullied Yeh-shen because of her beauty and she was always kept in her room with her pet fish which turns out to be the Fairy Godmother. But one day Yeh-Shen wasn’t in her room and her stepmother killed her pet fish and used her for dinner when Yeh-Shen found out what happen she was devastated. She was told by a wise old man that the bones of the fish have powers and can only work if she makes a wish. Her wish was to attend the spring festival and when she made her wish, she was granted a beautiful dress with golden slippers. Yeh-Shen goes to the festival but when she saw her stepmother, she ran away so she wouldn’t see her and she dropped one of her golden slippers in the process. The king found the slipper and ordered everyone to find the weaver of the golden slipper. when the king had yeh-shen try on the the golden slipper, she was transformed back into her dress and the king married her and lived happily ever after while the stepmother and stepsister were being

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