How Did Rome Become A Christian Religion

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Christianity transformed Roman life by almost all of the people inside of the Roman Empire turned into Christians. Emperor Constantine was one of the best Emperor’s inside of the Roman Empire in my opinion. He made this marvelous Empire turn to Christianity. Constantine did not accept people of different faiths or false religion practices. He made all of the Empire to turn to Christianity. He focused more on turing the great city of Rome into Christianity, but Constantine eventually turned other important cities to this true faith. Romans used to have to pray to the Roman gods and goddesses. The people of Rome had to make their whole life focus around the gods. This false faith was practiced by everyone inside Rome and also the Roman Empire. The Romans had to pray, and worship the statues in Rome. The clothes, food, and other customs were surrounded around the faith of the false. People inside of…show more content…
The Christian faith split into different religion, such as the Prostatine faith or other different religions. The Roman Catholic faith turned into a religion at the first century. There are other religions in the Christian faith, and there are about thirty-five different types of different religions. There is about 2.2 billion people in the Christian faith. Thirty-two percent of people in the world are considered to be practicing the Christian faith right now.Diocletian was born in the year of 240 A.D. He was born in the town of Solin, Croatia. This important Roman Emperor died in the year of 311 A.D. He died in the town Antioch, Greece. Diocletian was a very important person inside the Roman Empire. He passed a lot of different laws in the government, so that the empire would not fall. He made the whole entire Roman Empire into two different sections. These sections both fell eventually, but Diocletian made a lot of good choices to improve both the military and government inside of

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