Are You Really Making Katniss Standoffish?

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As one might see, it is essential for Katniss to be likable to help an audience invest in both the world and her character, and not just to have a successful movie but also to build a successful franchise. So why even risk making Katniss so standoffish? Surely her flaws could be removed or exchanged to make Katniss a more charismatic and outgoing character. The effect of making Katniss have such a challenging time conforming to the social aspect in a tyrannical dictatorship makes her the most identifiable character in the film. Many of the tributes have become accustomed to and have accepted a civilization where children are forced to kill each other; some of the tributes are even shown to enjoy it. The alliance that forms of District One and…show more content…
Although she is facing tributes who are vicious and have had years of experience training for this very event, in a way so has Katniss. It is shown in the beginning of the movie that Katniss is a survivor. In one of the first scenes Katniss is able to pierce a bird mid-flight with one of her arrows. When she is selected for the games she is told by her friend Gale “You’re stronger than they are, you can do this.” During the start of the games Katniss does a pretty good job surviving. On her own she finds survival equipment, food, and water. She climbs high up in trees for safety while sleeping and also does this technique during the day to view the landscape. Katniss also seems to know a lot about the forest shrubbery. When she sets up a fake fire to attract other tributes, Katniss knows what kinds of leaves produce the most smoke and after Peeta brings her a collection of berries to eat, she points out that they are poisonous. Making Katniss a character that can thrive in nature is a trait that further makes her more reputable. In real life there are many shows such as “Survivor Man” and “Alaska, the Last Frontier” based around a character surviving in nature. These shows are watched because of the respect and interest one has for a person with the knowledge and ability to endure such wild circumstances with little equipment. An audience watches “Survivor Man” to see how Les Stroud uses his skills to survive in the wild; in a very similar way they might be invested in Katniss to see how she persists through the Hunger

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