Evil In Grendel, Beowulf, And Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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The Concept of Evil Evil is defined as a sign of profound immorality. People frequently tend to confuse evil on whether is it a matter of perspective or a general state of mind. Many also often misinterpret on its development in time or if it is found in one’s own nature. What people do not realize is that evil begins to consume one once they feel as if they have fulfilled a certain desire or satisfaction, evil however; is a matter of perspective, it is based of satisfaction, morals, and surroundings. This can be analyzed through Grendel, Beowulf, and Macbeth through theories such as Fred Alfords, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Many different philosophers have analyzed the idea of evil yet cannot seem to find a simple way to clarify…show more content…
Jean- Jacques Rousseau states “ We are born weak, we have need of help, we are born destitute… we have need of assistance; we are born stupid, we have need of understanding”( Rousseau). Jean- Jacques theory focuses on how vicinities and the populace can corrupt a man and turn them evil (Rousseau). In the beginning of this tragedy Macbeth would murder people but because it was more of a deed than something he took as a desire. After an unexpected stumble upon a trio of witches he was informed about a prophecy that revealed his ability to become King. After hearing this prophecy Macbeth became eager to fulfill this prophecy, his first thought was to kill the king yet he was not sure of it. Lady Macbeth convinces him into choosing him own desire and to not let fate take its course. This later leading Macbeth into a rush of ambition, too much that it began to consume him, and soon he began to murder for his own selfish desires. This character allowed himself to be corrupted by his own wife, he was weak and without any realization he had become evil. To conclude, evil is dependent on many factors desire, hate and

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