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In 1697, a fairytale known as Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper, came out in France. It was about a girl who lived with her two evil step sisters, but despite her horrible life as their maid, wanted to go to a ball. Her fairy godmothers helped her to get the things she needed and in the end. Cinderella marries a prince and lives happily ever after. Then in 1812, the same story came out in Germany. While both had many differences, the plot and basic storylines were the same. In the french version, Cinderella is a girl who lives with her two stepsisters and her stepmother, her father had recently passed away. After his death, both his stepsisters and her stepmother treated her very unkindly, as shown with almost all their conversations.…show more content…
Though, Cinderella seemed to be a pretty happy person despite all that. One night Cinderella, after hearing the prince was having a ball, really wanted to go. In fact, she wanted to go so bad she began to cry. 3 fairies heard her crying and showed up to help her. They told her they were her fairy godmothers, and then asked her what she wanted to do. After Cinderella explained, the fairy godmothers asked her to go get certain objects, and they turned them into things Cinderella would need to go to the ball. For example, the fairy godmothers told Cinderella to go get a pumpkin, and right after turned it into a carrage that would be her ride to the ball. Although this all seemed great, the fairy godmothers warned her to leave before the clock striked 12 as the magic wouldn't last past then. Finally, Cinderella left in her new carrage and headed to the ball. She looked completely different thanks to the fairy godmothers. She had the best clothing there and the best jewlery, her own stepsisters didn't even recognize her. It wasn't long before the prince noticed her and asked her to dance. Cinderella, feeling full of excitement, agreed and they danced. After their first dance, Cinderella and the

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