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Fairytales are a big part of children’s culture today. From Snow White to Frozen, Disney has capitalized on the idea of the fairytale, and injected it into almost every aspect of our society today. The fairytale of Cinderella in particular helped shape my worldview as a child, by providing me with my first taste of the differences between the classes and the inequality between the genders in our society. The differences between the people that live within the kingdom and the Royal family are representative of the different classes within society. The Royal family is obviously the upper class, while the villagers are the lower class. The differences between them can also be seen in the way they interact with one another. The prince is always standing tall, with his head held high, while the villagers bow to him. In addition to this, the people that live and work in the kingdom ride around on horses, and therefore are both literally and figuratively above the villagers. Another way Cinderella could represent the differences in the classes is the relationship between Cinderella and her stepmother. Cinderella’s stepmother took over Cinderella’s…show more content…
The men are shown as being wealthy, and holding positions of power and status, while the women are shown as having to marry into the money and status. Cinderella’s stepmother only received her money and status after she married Cinderella’s father, and took over Cinderella’s inheritance when he passed away. In addition, Cinderella achieved her status as princess only after she married the prince. The men, however, presumably achieved this status on their own. The king and the prince rule over the entire kingdom and live within the castle. Cinderella’s father owns a stately château within the kingdom. It is never mentioned how they achieved this wealth and power, and therefore it can be assumed that they achieved it on their

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